A tool designed to provide a better control of your army, knowing in every moment where and when somebody has hit. Any real-time solution you may need, avoiding API problems.

Pulse is the new way of making stats from eRepublik.

Let's have a look!

PULSE is a complement/extension for the most used web browsers which allows to capture your battle data when you press the Fight Button. What does this mean? That we can make statistical data in real-time even when eRepublik API is down and we can't collect data. The data is simply forked from the original data sent to eRepublik server, so it is completely accurate.

Thank you to egov4you integration, you will be able to control your army or military unit knowing where they hit, when, how many times and if they used the supplies given by your commander.

F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: How does this script work?
A: Once the script is installed, it will work automatically when you press the Fight Button, collecting the data is sent to eRepublik server in order to take that statistical data and showing your info in egov4you web.

Q: How do I know I have it installed?
A: You will be able to see a left sidebar where all your data is collected and some indicators in the battles such as your maxhit and a shorcut icon from PULSE to your egov4you stats.

Q: Is this script illegal?
A: According to eRepublik Laws all scripts are illegal, but since it's so spread like eRepublik Advanced and it doesn't harm eRepublik servers, there is no risks of using it.

Q: Can I trust the data collected and showed in egov4you?
A: Of course you can. The data are simply forked from the original data sent to eRepublik server, so if you see your data wrong in egov4you, it will be probably wrong in eRepublik too! :)

Version 1.2.3

» Compatible with new eRepublik layout
» Detects [egov#MU] and [egov#CS] tags to modify in-game army and/or citizenship
» Relocated "Pulse button" to be compatible with upcoming PVP module
» Updated to support new weapon types and boosters
» Fixed bug that caused incorrect max-hit being shown when rank was GoW* or greater
» Order window relocated and moveable
» Many more small improvements